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Moore Pen Clips

MooreClip1.jpg (5037 bytes)The earliest Moore clips were on their hard rubber pens, and were optional.  While most pens had "clip-on" clips, some caps were made with them built in.  The clips were simple in design, with the metal bent into a "U-shape" and a ball formed by bending the end of the stamped metal. The clips themselves were embossed with a circle enclosing the phrase, 'The Moore Clip'. The same style Moore Clips was also used in the first generation plastic pens.MooreClip2.jpg (7717 bytes)



The  next clip variation had the same style as the first clips in terms of technical design (the bent U), but the word "Mooore" was placed vertically. The clips hold their bent position surprisingly well, given their simple design. The two 'O's are interlocked, somewhat like the Olympic rings are in contemporary design. These clips were used from about 1930-35.




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The next design is typical for Moore. Although the pens were well made, the designs were often derivative. This clip, from the late 1930s, again has the word "Moore" placed in a vertical alignment. . Along side the letters are small stripes that were probably made to suggest the feather pattern on Parker clips. The clip was riveted to the top of the cap, a pattern which remained standard for most Moore pens until the late 1940s or early '50s.

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The next variation on the riveted clip was very similar to the previous design, although linear stripes were placed to run the length of the clip, while the word Moore is on a slightly elevated shield. This clip originated in 1941.





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The Moore Junior Line had some clips that were uniquely assigned to it. This clip, for example, has a very art deco look and no identifying information. The barrel and nib contain the identifying information.



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In the late 1940s, Moore introduced a non-riveted clip for the first time in decades. The word "Moore" with the two Os interlocked is the only ornament on this pointed design. The clip is relatively complex, and appears to have mounting piece and spring, providing a very firm clipping action. This clip was used from 1946-56.



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This late riveted clip, probably from the 40s, is very attractive and has an art deco flavor to it.  The only ornamentation is a raised section below the "Moore".




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The Fingertip Model from the late 40s had its own clip style, a heavy and un-ornamented bent metal with the word "Moore" placed near the end of the clip. The Os in this case were not interlocked.



MooreClip10.jpg (8512 bytes)


Finally, this relatively ornate clip was on a late, relatively cheaply made pen. The art deco style harkens to the 30s or early 40s, but I believe the pen is of a later vintage.



Source: Scans from my collection. History from Fred Plewa in Pen World, 1990.