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RossPens.Com is a site specializing in the sale of fountain pens, primarily restored vintage pens. I pride myself as a reliable source of working pens, accurately described. All our pens are guaranteed be as described and to work as they should. I'd rather you know the imperfections before you buy, hopefully reminding you that a 40 year old pen may not look as it did when came straight out of the box. But the real joy in these old pens is how they write: smoothed by years of use. I do my best to describe the character of the pen, as well as its condition.

Updated 05 AUG 2018 - The Rosspens business model is that I do the restorations and provide the background information for the web site, but the inventory and shipping is managed by Stephen Bower in Richmond, VA.  This means we can be  prompt in getting pens to you since I commute regularly between home in North Carolina and work in Washington, DC. We also have a small shipping hiatus due to summer vacations (Until August 16).

Done with travel for a while.  New pens should be posted to the site regularly duing July and August - some much nicer than usual

For shipping pens to Rosspens, note the address below. 

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Prices include shipping, handling, and insurance (although International Shipping is additional cost - please e-mail for options before ordering!)- Discounts given for multiple purchases on the same order - ask for a bargain price!   Payment options: PayPal, Checks, Money Orders (The only way to use Mastercard or Visa is through PayPal)

Research Triangle Pen Club News  The Club's meetings are held at the Chapel Hill Public Library.  Everyone is welcome -  No membership fees. Information on club meetings is available at (search for the Triangle Pen Club)

As a collector, my primary interest is in the Moore Pen Company, a Boston pen manufacturer for slightly more than half a century.  I'm building a Moore Pen History Site as one component of this site. If you have any Moore pen information or memorabilia, please let me know.  I'm always trying to learn more!

For orders, E-mail me at the address below. I'll let you know if the pen is still available and usually give you some supplemental information. International shipping is fine, but is not covered by our "inclusive" price. The cost of shipping will be adjusted, and the international price offered, once shipping requirements are clear.

For questions, I'm at:

Phone: 919-308-0504 (mobile)

Please mail any pens or payments to:

Ross McKinney, Jr.
2523 Charlock Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9609

UPS/Fedex Address

Ross McKinney, Jr.
2523 Charlock Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9609