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My Favorite Pen Sites

Sam and Frank Fiorella have the best site on the Web for pen-related odds and ends.   They have a nice selection of restored pens, ink, paper, parts for repairs, and pen paraphenalia.  Not only that: they ship so quickly most people swear the shipment arrives before you disconnect from their site.  Sam is also a great resource for pen related information.

Vintage Pens - David Nishimura
For impecably prepared pens and one of the most informative sites on the web, visit David Nishimura's site at  His pen portraits provide valuable background information, and his "Repairs Do's and Don'ts" should be required reading for all beginning pen repair-people.

Jim Mamoulides and
JIm's a member of the Triangle Pen Club, and he's done a fantastic job of putting together a great site with interesting articles, nice pictures, lots of reference information, and the ultimate compendium of pen-related web sites. Lots of work and a fantastic resource. Well worth a visit!

Tony Fischier's site
This is a great source of information on a variety of pens, particularly Parkers and Montlancs. Some pens for sale, as well.

John Mottishaw's Nib Site

John is the nib guru. His site is a good place to learn about nibs, and John's work on nibs is really art of a very specialized kind.  I have two Moore nibs on which he's worked - wonderful craftsmanship!

Richard Binder's Pen Site

Richard is one of the good guys in the world of pens.  He's also designing his own line of pens that are very attractive. He sells some vintage pens.  Great source of information, too.  Highly recommended!


This is a great bulletin board and site. It has threaded messages, and particularly friendly community.  There's an emphasis on writing.  

The Tom Zoss List 
Tom Zoss has operated the largest pen-related list-server for several years. The more than 800 subscribers on the Zoss List  tend to be brignt, opinionated, and interesting. The two rules are to stick to pens and writing implements as topics, and to "Be Nice".

Andrew Gnoza's Repairpen List
For people who like to repair pens, the Repairpen list provides access to the experience and parts bins of a few hundred repair people, mostly hobbyists.   This link takes you to the Onelist sign up, then type "penrepairs" and sign up.