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18 FEB  2017
Montblanc 146 Silver Solitaire/strong>
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JLMB -A much fancier pen than I usually carry at my site.  This is a gorgeous Montblanc Silver Solitaire 146.  It's a piston filler.  Exellent condition - there are no flaws I can find. It's a big, beautiful pen!  The nib is an expectedly smooth 18 Kt Medium. Piston filler. 5 3/4", 145 mm

Price: $1200 inclusive of free shipping in the US

Montblanc Generation - Burgundy
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SB379 -Pretty, new Montblanc Generation.  It might have been dipped, but otherwise the condition couldn't be better.  Box and papers. The medium 14 Kt nib has some softness but no line variation.  Cartridge-converter filler 5 1/2", 140 mm

Price: $250 inclusive of free shipping in the US PRICE REDUCED $225

Montblanc Monte Rosa
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Pen 2003 - Monte Rosa was a 2nd line for Montblanc. This pen comes with its box and papers and appears to be in mint condition.  The pen has a medium gold-plated steel nib.  Piston filler with a translucent ink-view section.

Price: $120 inclusive of free shipping in the US SOLD

Montblanc 256
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A 1950s Montblanc 256 with its wider than average barrel.  It's a very comfortable size and the 14 Ct fine-medium nib is very soft, although there isn't much line variation. It's a very pleasing writer and in excellent condition.    5 1/4", 132 mm.

Price: $275 inclusive of S/H/I  SOLD

Montblanc 32
sb28 sb28

A 1960s-70s Montblanc in basic black. It's a piston filler.  The nib is a fun oblique broad - perfect to get varied writing and real style. The clip is fairly brassed, while the plastic is in great shape.  5 1/16", 128 mm.

Price: $130 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc 146 Set
sb28 sb28 sb28

This is a classic Meisterstuck in the 146 size - sensible, and not a baseball bat in disguise like the 149.  PIston filler.  Fine one-tone 14 Kt nib.  Used, but very little wear. 5 3/4", 145 mm.  The second pen is a ball point.  Box but no papers.

Price: $375 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc Carrera
sb28  sb28

The Carrera was a utilitarian Montblanc from the early 1970s.  This one is light orange and black.  It's a cartridge converter.  Currently it lacks a converter, but I can provide one (generic - $10).  The nib is a fine/medium steel nib.  Good condition, although there's some brassing of the steel colored plating of the clip retaining ring at the top of the cap. 5 3/8", 135 mm.

Price: $100 inclusive of S/H/I - Price reduced $90 SOLD

Montblanc Generation
sb28 sb28 sb28

This is a modern Montblanc Generation in black.  Barely used. 14 Kt F/M nib. Comes with the box. Cartridge Converter filler. Slide on/off cap.   5 1/2", 140 mm.

Price: $140 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc 224
sb28  sb28

This pen is an essay in matte/brushed materials.  The cap is muted, brushed gold look, the barrel a subtle matte black.  The nib is 14 kt, extra fine.  PIston filler, with a translucent view ring where the cap fits on.  Great condition.  5 3/8", 135 mm.

Price: $150 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc 342
sb28  sb28

A not-very fancy Montblanc from the mid 1950s.  This one's pretty utilitarian - it's been used and there's a fair bit of wear on the clip, although the plastic is in great shape. It's a piston filler with a wide translucent ink-view band in the barrel. Nice 14 kt medium nib with a touch of flex.  5", 127 mm.

Price: $125 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc Voltaire
 sb28 sb28 sb28

The Voltaire is one of the Montblanc Writers Edition pens. This was made in 1995. It's a very solid piston filler with a Broad 18 Kt nib.   The box is a bit worn, but the pen is in wonderful shape. It's been used, but lightly.  Quite a heavy pen.  Very, very attractive. Some wear to the box, but box and papers are (I believe) complete. Piston filler. 5 7/8", 150 mm

Price: $650 inclusive of S/H/I - SOLD