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English Pens: Swan, Onoto, Burnham

Mabie Todds are among my favorite pens because they made such great nibs - right up there with the best early Moores. The top of the MT and Co line were Swans, with Swallows as a midline and Blackbird as the discount line. Later they added the Jackdaw as their econo-pen.

I've included Onoto and Burnham on this page because they're other solid English pen companies, although I acquire fewer of them than Mabie Todd pens.

05 MAY 2017
Swan Eternal Leverless L645/60
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SOL79 - This is an oversized Swan Leverless with a #6 Eternal nib.  The nib is a rigid fine. The pen is in collector grade condition, with no flaws - not even brassing of the ball. 5 3/8", 137 mm.

Price: $215 inclusive of free shipping in the US  SOLD

Swan Leverless Eternal - Wrong Clip
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SOL 80 - This would be a great pen, if it wasn't for the fact that the clip is a replacement that isn't an exact match.  The barrel is super, and the nib is a super-smooth and huge #4 with a fine point. 14 Kt.  Other than the clip, the condition is excellent. But the price refects the clip.  For a user, this would be perfect. 5", 126 mm.

Price: $75 inclusive of free shipping in the US SOLD

Clipless Onoto - Flex Nib
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SOL 82 - An odd little pen - the size of a ringtop, but there's no ringtop attachment. Why care about it?  Because it has a great flex nib - fine to broad with a light touch.  Button filler. Engraved  "Het Vulpenhuis".  4 1/2", 114 mm.

Price: $60 inclusive of free shipping in the US SOLD

Swan Self-filler Set - Flex Nib
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 This is a smallish Swan lever filler with a great #1 Swan 14 Kt fine flex nib. The flex is easy and fun!    The pen is in very good condition, with some brassing of the cap bands and the lever. The pencil is slightly more blue than the pen, the pen slightly more aqua. Lever filler.  4 5/8", 116 mm.

Price: $125 inclusive of free shipping in the US SOLD