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One of the grand pen companies of the Twentieth Century, Wahl Eversharp pens are notable for adventurous design elements, often wonderful flex nibs, and unstable celluloid that shrinks and turns to dust. Condition matters!   The best Wahls are a delight, and these are restored and in good working condition. 

17 MAY 2015
Wahl Skyline
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A nice Sklyine with burgundy plastic and a 14 Kt fine nib with a small degree of flex. A couple of small dings in the metal shell of the cap.  4 7/8", 123 mm.

Price: $75 with Free Shipping in the US  SOLD

Wahl-Eversharp Oversize Deco Band
pen978 pen978

The color on this oversize Black and Pearl Deco Band Gold Seal is nearly perfect - a rare find. 1928-1931 era.  The nib, however, is a great fine flexible Wahl Signature nib.  I've installed one of David Nishimura's silicone sacs to protect the color, yet make the pen fully usable. Great nib, nice size.  The pen is 5 5/16", 134 mm.

Price: $350 with Free Shipping in the US SOLD

Wahl-Eversharp Oxford Set
pen978 pen978

A very pretty set. Oxford was one of Wahl's economy line during the 1930s. The color on my screen is a bit more red than this set really is - there's an element of pink-purple mixed with the predominant red in the real color. The nib is small, 14Kt, and very fine. Very little brassing, great imprints.  The pen is 4 7/8", 124 mm.

Price: $100 with Free Shipping in the US SOLD

Wahl-Eversharp Equipoise Gold Seal
pen978 pen978

The color on this large green and gold Equipoise Gold Seal is spectacular and even - far better than the picture.  The nib is an extremely flexible fine Eversharp Gold Seal - as good as flex gets. Condition is superb - collectible quality. The check mark is drilled - but the nib is the correct one (often the drilling meant a Warranted nib was installed).  The pen is 5 1/2", 138 mm.

Price: $400 with Free Shipping in the US SOLD

Wahl Eversharp Skyline
pen643 pen643

Nice burgundy Skyline with a rigid fine 14Kt nib.  Skylines were among the best selling pens of the 1940s.  This one is in nice condition, with some "desk wear" around the cap. 5 1/4", 133 mm.

Price: $75 with free shipping in the US SOLD

Wahl Greek Key
pen978 pen978

 Wahl made pretty metal pens, this one with a broad stub that has give, but no flex (line variation due to pressure). A great signature pen. This one was made in Canada.  Lever filler. The pen is on the smaller side, 4 3/8", 110 mm. Excellent condition.

Price: $110 with Free Shipping in the US SOLD

Wahl - Hard Rubber
pen643 pen643

Wahl made hard rubber pens for a long time. This one has a nice flexible fine #2 14 Kt nib and a roller-clip.  The chasing has some wear, and there's a bit of brassing on the lever. 130 mm, 5 3/16"

Price: $110 with free shipping in the US SOLD